Gemeinschaftsorchester Saar-Mosel

International Mosel Valley Concert Band

During the year 2012, several interested non professional musicians from the Saar-Mosel region in Germany at the border to Luxembourg created a new concert band to perform concert and sacral music together. The main driving motivation was to organize international concert tours with a specific cultural background.

Under the leadership of the current chairman, Dr. Friedbert Berens and the 2nd Chairman and current musical director Arno Hoffmann a supporting foundation has been created in August 2012. The band now consists of approx. 60 musicians. The repertoire focuses on traditional high-level brass band and modern symphonic concert wind music.

Our first concert tour led us October 2013 for 10 days to Bangkok for a few Concerts. In June 2015, we were in Turin / Italy and played in a church concert with a selection choir from Turin, the "Missa Katharina" by Jacob de Haan,

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Förderverein Gemeinschaftsorchester (GO) Saar-Mosel
1. Vorsitzender - Dr. Friedbert BERENS