Gemeinschaftsorchester Saar-Mosel

International Mosel Valley Concert Band

During the year 2012, several interested non professional musicians from the Saar-Mosel region in Germany at the border to Luxembourg created a new concert band to perform concert and sacral music together. The main driving motivation was to organize international concert tours with a specific cultural background.

Under the leadership of the current chairman, Dr. Friedbert Berens and the 2nd Chairman and current musical director Arno Hoffmann a supporting foundation has been created in August 2012. The band now consists of approx. 60 musicians. The repertoire focuses on traditional high-level brass band and modern symphonic concert wind music.

Our first concert tour led us October 2013 for 10 days to Bangkok for a few Concerts. In June 2015, we were in Turin / Italy and played in a church concert with a selection choir from Turin, the "Missa Katharina" by Jacob de Haan.

2016 in AT-Schladming at the MidEurope-festival we repeated the “Missa Katharina” in a local church, again with the Coro Incontrocanto from Turin an again under the conduction of Jacob de Haan. And to top all this, we also were the supporting orchestra for the Masterclass for Conductores under Henry Adams.

Now, in 2017 we will visit Manchester and play several concerts, in cooperation with the Adamson Band.

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Förderverein Gemeinschaftsorchester (GO) Saar-Mosel
1. Vorsitzender - Dr. Friedbert BERENS